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What support is available 


Resource Library

Browse our large resource library of information, support,  guidance and training to help you with your Mental Health.


BYOU+1 Befriending 

BYOU+1 offers one to one in-person or virtual support to LGBTQ+ people across the Wigan Borough who are experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

Coming soon

Social Groups

Social Groups are regular meetings at local LGBTQ+ friendly establishments. Our social groups are a great place to make new friends, learn new skills and have fun.


BYOU+ Online

BYOU+ Online is our online inclusive community based on Twitch and Discord. Here you can join in the conversation with our regular streams by some of our amazing content creators.

How you can support us


March with Pride 

The parade is your chance to show Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning people from all over Wigan, Manchester and further afield the very best that BYOU+ has to offer.


Become an LGBTQ+ friendly business

Working towards becoming an LGBTQ+ inclusive business demonstrates your support for the LGBTQ+ community to your employee networks, potential customers and client base. 



Without the generous support of our partners, BYOU+ would not be able to continue our vital work in order to achieve a fairer and more equal society.

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