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Business Manager

Location: Home-based / Online
Employment Type: Voluntary

About the role

As our Business Manager, you will be responsible in ensuring that BYOU+ has a clear business plan in place each year which incorporates ‘Our 5 Year Plan’ and the funding available.


You will also be accountable in ensuring BYOU+ maintains a healthy balance of both capital and reserves. 

You will also be responsible in directly line managing the Grants & Fundraising Officer to ensure they feel supported.

What you will gain

  • Being part of a friendly and diverse team.

  • Learn and be part of BYOU+ campaigning work.

  • Comprehensive induction, training, and ongoing support.

The skills you need

You do not need any previous experience, but the following will be useful:


  • Excellent numeracy skills, capable of analysing financial information and presenting it in an accessible format (such as project budgets for funding applications).

  • Excellent administration and organisational skills, including being IT literate with the ability to be self supporting in the use of computer software, including the MS Office Suite and databases.

  • The ability to work within BYOU+ policies and guidelines.

  • Good written communication skills, with accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Ability to deal with confidential and sensitive information.

  • Enthusiasm for the work of BYOU+ and it’s values.

  • The ability to work within BYOU+ policies and guidelines.

  • Enthusiasm for the work of BYOU+ and it’s values.

  • Ability to deal in a professional manner.

  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team and motivated to work as an individual.

Your responsibilities

  • Support the committee in writing the business plan for the next year incorporating ‘Our 5 Year Plan’.


  • Liaise with the Managers to ensure there is a clear outline of how the funding is going to be distributed.


  • Liaise with local businesses in the Wigan Borough to create a friendly LGBTQ+ Community. 


  • Directly line manager the Grants & Fundraising Officer to ensure they feel well supported.


  • Assist the Grants & Fundraising Officer in raising funds for BYOU+ by attending local events.


  • Edit and proofread any grant applications before they are submitted.


  • To attend network meetings with other organisations to create partnerships and promote BYOU+ Services.


  • Accountable in ensuring BYOU+ maintains a healthy balance of both capital and reserves.

Learning opportunities

There will be ongoing support and training throughout your volunteering:


  • Full welcome induction

  • Training in appropriate BYOU+ Policies

  • Safeguarding training relevant to your role

About us

BYOU+ is an inclusive LGBTQ+ and allies adult community.

BYOU+ is a not for profit, volunteer lead organisation with a dedicated team of people focused on the improvement and enhancement of LGBTQ+ lives that aim to make a positive difference to the community by;


  • Promoting Positive Mental Health through our in-person LGBTQ+ monthly group meetings and with support from our Mental Health Champions.


  • Tackling Social Isolation through our befriending service, supporting people to attend public events like cinema, pride events, local events or even a coffee.

  • Campaigning for LGBTQ+ equality through our projects and campaigns feeding into the Wigan Pride festival and other charities.

Our aims


Tackling loneliness and social isolation

The role profile is an outline indicator for the general role activities and may be adjusted considering the changing needs of BYOU+. We expect the post holder to be as positive and flexible as possible in using this document.


Covid Safe
BYOU+ are proud to be a Covid safe organisation. For some of this role you will be required to work from home and connect with your team and others virtually. However, there may be occasions where you are required to attend events/meetings in-person to carry out part of your role. The health and wellbeing of our volunteers is of utmost importance to us and if you are required to attend such events, a risk assessment will be conducted beforehand and the appropriate safety measures put in place.



We are asking people to commit to attending the relevant team meetings. These meetings are usually one hour every month. 

Each person generally commits approximately 4-6 hours a month, with more commitment usually needed during Pride season.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

This position is subject to Enhanced Disclosure Procedures plus adult barred list check

For further information, please contact us

Written By: MN                                     

Lasted updated: 15/01/2022

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